Need help with setting up rockstor

Hello everyone. My name is Arnold and I am trying to embark on setting up my own NAS. I run a small business and i am constantly taking pictures of receipts and making excel spreadsheets documenting how much I pay employees and my computer desktop is becoming extremely cluttered.
I want to be able to have a place where i can offload the pictures i have on my phone(without having to sync my pictures via USB) while I’m home and while I am away. I also want to be able to be able to access a file on my phone while away from home. I want to be able to set something up like a dropbox. Obviously since this NAS is for work related items i don’t need video streaming services.

I guess what I am asking help is with a simplified version of how to set up Rockstor and if the things i would need it to do are possible with this OS? And how i would set those features up.

My NAS would be an old computer i have with an i5 processor and i believe 4gb of ram. I plan to use 2, 2tb seagate Iron wolf drives.

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate any and all suggestions!