Need some NAS advice

Hey guys,
I want to build a simple media nas using Rockstor as os and would apreciate your advise to my aproach.

All it used for is storing Pictures, Videos up to 4k, which i than can access/stream in my home network to my destop (maybe also tv).

Now to my hardware configuration:
Mainboard: MSI C236A Workstation
or MSI C236M Workstation (cheaper)

RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 8GB
CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 3,5GHz (2 cores 4 threads), IPG, ECC support

As for os-Storage: if MSI C236M then mSATA to PCIe Adapter + Kingston SSDNow 30GB
if MSI C236A then Intel SSD Pro 6000p 128 gb

As for my HDD’s : i want to start with a 3 or 4 tb Seagate IronWolf NAS HDD and expand later as i need more capacity

for network switch (becaue our router dosn’t have any free ports) i intend to use Belkin Gigabit 8-Port Network switch which i have laying around.

so, thats my intended configuration and i hope to get valuable advice from this awesome community ^^

My advice would be don’t bother with the expensive motherboard unless you’re going to actually use a CPU capable of ECC and ECC RAM.

You could save $100 on the motherboard and put it towards an extra hard drive or a better CPU.

Since you’re using it for media access, I recommend Plex by the way. You will need a more powerful CPU because it will have to transcode the videos when serving to mobile devices. I would recommend a quad core Intel i5 model.

Also, the OS install disk doesn’t matter too much. If you get a motherboard with m.2 then just whack any SSD into it.

32GB would be heaps. Nothing really gets stored on it, just the configs and OS. In fact I have a much larger setup and it all runs off a Sandisk USB 3.0 stick.

hey Chiipped

As you might oversaw, the G4400 acually already supports ECC memory ^^

and to Descibe my use-case a bit better: The NAS should store my media data, is connected via Cat 6 lan cable to my network in which is my actual desktop.

My Desktop is connected cia HDMI to all the TV’s in my home and then only uses the TV’s As a monitor.
My Music deviced are also alredy connected to my Desktop pc via Cable connections an Bluetooth.
And i don’t intend to use any mobile device a all (only have a simple mobile phone and an ebook ready anyways)^^

So that i only need the nas as storage and all the encoding should be handled by my Desktop pc. Or am i Wrong?

In case of the OS install device i thought that an ssd /m.2 would may last longer than an usb stick and i may not accitently break/unplugg it while cleaning or my dayli routine ^^

But at least i can may save some bugs on my os drive and invest it somewhere else