Network Config - Changing to Static IP

Hi I am a FreeNAS refugee, and just started using Rockstor. It seems there is not a way to configure network settings within the UI? I would like to change to static IP to fit my network scheme. If I do this through the CLI will Rockstor be ok with it, and report the changes accurately? I see that the section in the documentation under “Network Configuration” says “Coming soon…” so I wanted to check here before experimenting with the CLI. I’m sure someone else has wanted to change network config, but I didn’t see similar post. THANKS for all the work on Rockstor. I’m looking forward to pushing ahead!

On my install the network interface can be adjusted by clicking: System->Network Interfaces.

Find your network interface in the list, and click on the edit button far right (the pen).

Now you can change the network settings, make the network adress static and so on.


Karsten, thanks! I missed the pen icon. Now I succeeded in configuring the IP addressing just the way I want. Rockstor rocks. Now on to setting up shares…


@DoctorDavid Welcome to Rockstor community.

We have an open issue to update network management UI documentation: We plan to get to it soon and update the docs.

many thanks to @phillxnet who added the required documentation right away!

docs on the website are updated now.