Network error on 4.5.4-0

After upgrade I’m getting following error:

insert or update on table “storageadmin_networkdevice” violates foreign key constraint “connection_id_refs_id_1db23ec5” DETAIL: Key (connection_id)=(11) is not present in table “storageadmin_networkconnection”.


Hi again @Jorma_Tuomainen,

That one is unfortunately a bit of an annoying one and one that we have seen every now and then for a little while now :frowning:. We never were able to find a reproducer, unfortunately, but it does appear to be reported to us most often after a system (not necessarily rockstor package) update.

In an attempt to get a better understanding, would you have any “customization” to your network settings (in Rockstor webUI)?
What is your current network setup in general: multiple NICs, bond/team, or any information you can think of?

In past reports, users seemed to indicate (sometimes) it would go away after a reboot; is that the case for you?
Would you have a way to make this error appear systematically on your system?

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Seems that another reboot fixed it. I do have bonded device (802.3ad) of eth0 and eth1. I’ll let you know if it happens again.