Network Widget: remember last chosen interface


a small but very useful enhancement would be that the last chosen network interface will be kept remembered even after reboot. atm the behaviour is a bit annoying that you have to choose the correct interface (default is lo) every time you open the wui.


@g6094199 Hello again.

re Network Widget:

Yes, totally agree; and we have an existing issue on the same, pretty much:

@phillxnet phillxnet removed this from the After Six milestone on 23 Jan 2021

after removing from the roadmap this suggested enhancement is dead?

@g6094199 Hello again. Long time no see.

The issue is still open but we have had not takers as of yet.

The core developers have been otherwise fully engaged with out CentOS -> “Built on openSUSE” endeavour and then we have a lot of updating to do and embark on establishing our new Stable and Testing development paths so I don’t think this feature request/enhancement is likely to be addressed by the main contributors currently. But pull requests are always welcome of course.

Hope that helps and keep an eye out for our first v4 Stable release. You might like that.