Networking on KVM virtual rockstor

Following the instructions for installing a virtual rockstor on KVM,
There is a note about networking, “In the following guide the default KVM networking arrangement is used (NAT)” As noted this does not permit one to access your rockstor from your LAN. If I change the KVM network for the virtual machine to a bridge I can access the rockstor web portal from PC’s on the LAN, but not from the virtual host. You are warned about this in the Virtual Machine Manager when selecting the bridge network interface for the VM.
Is there a way to set up the KVM network so you can access the rockstor web interface from both the virtual host and other PC’s on the LAN?
I used the NAT network and a route command on a Mint install but still could not access the web gui on (the default address with the KVM on NAT).

I haven’t used KVM myself, but I imagine you need to configure the Virtual Switch to run in routed mode.

Here’s an article that may be helpful with that: