New 8 drive array help please with RAID 6

I am currently looking to build a new Rockstor server and a newbie to raid and BTRFS.

I am building an 8 drive system running on an LSI 9211 host running in IT mode,
I was looking to build a raid 6 array using all drives but have read many posts about power failures and unrecoverable data.

Could i build a 7 drive array and have a hot spare. Is this advisable or best way to proceed or should i just stay clear of raid 6 or 5 for that matter.

No one else running a software Raid 6 with BTRFS ??
Do I need to Run raid 10. ???
Anybody, hoping to run this up this weekend.

I’m running a seven disk RAID 6 setup.

I have not experienced problems, except at the very beginning of my setup (crashes while adding and removing disks). But the current state of RAID56 would make me not recommend using it, except if you are ready for trouble, possibly loosing all data in worst case.

I dont feel safe, and am working on a backup for my Rockstor. The most critical data is allready backed up on other storage.

I would go RAID10, at least until RAID56 is considered stable. And I think that could be some time from now.

Thanks for the reply KarstenV. This has persuaded me not to run the risk and use raid 10 for now. :slight_smile:

I think thats a wise decision.

If I had the information that is available today about RAID56, when I build my Rockstor NAS, i would have made different choices.

And when I have my backup ready, my pool will be rebuild as RAID10 until RAID56 is ready.

Thanks again, hope you get it up and running soon.