New Feature - Docker custom interface


just a quick wish from my side:

Is it possible to add a custom template for dockerimages similar to this one?

See post 1 for layout. Just to give an idea.

I’m sure several powerusers of Rockstor would like the option to test new docker images/customize their NAS a little. And this gives the flexibility to use dockers as we please while Rockstor have some pre-configured Rock-ons available. Less maintainance for Rockstor and this may give a wider userbase for your NAS OS.


I agree, I’m actually a developer and would like to work on implementing something like this. I just want to gain interest and see if it would be something that would help improve Rockstor as a whole. I also want to see overall interest in something like this before putting in the time for it. Let me know below.


Hey, yep, i would use something like that :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’m not sure about that (don’t remember), but if I’m not wrong there’s already an open issue related to Rock-ons customization / better rock-ons system to let users easily share new rock-ons (git like system?).
+1 to Docker hub reading, that’s good and probably desired by many users


I’m all for it! @Flyer I seem to remember it too, but can’t find it right now, maybe it was on github. It was the cockpit project, who have a docker manager web app and the possibility of embedding components you need in your own application. But that’s as far as I’ve looked into that, I’m currently working on other features.

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That looks pretty cool. I like that implementation. I would use it.

Definitely interested with this so we can test and trial other docker apps

Any progress on this? I would love to see a more general-purpose docker GUI.