New File Share Cluttered?


Very new to Rockstor, liking it so far.

I just installed it and created a test share and export the share to samba. I was expecting a empty network share, however I see a number of directories, ie. btrfs, buildkit, containerd, containers, image, etc.

Is this normal? Did I mess up the share? Shouldn’t my test share be an empty directory?


Hi @umchem, and welcome!

You should indeed get an empty network share so something did not go as it should have. Things could have gone wrong at several steps here, so I’d like to point you towards a few sections of our documentation in case it helps you seeing something that was not as it should have:

  1. Share creation:
  2. Exporting a Samba share:
  3. Accessing a Samba export:

Note that we’re currently working on updating and preparing our documentation for our next Stable release so don’t hesitate to give any feedback on what doesn’t seem very intuitive to you; it’ll help us improve the documentation.

If you still can’t see what could have gone wrong, try to provide us with any information/detail you can think of (what system are you trying to access the Samba export, screenshots, etc…).

Hope this helps!