New install Gui issue's

Hello all, Firstly I’m totally new to Rockstor and NAS setups so be gentle!
I have today managed to install Rockstor on an old-ish AMD pc built into a server box with 10TB of storage wanting to use in raid 1. And a 2.5 160G for the os install.
so I had issues from the get go getting a usb flash installer working but managed to get it going using DD, from there I had no Gui on the installer so went along with the text install. Installation went fine no issues or errors but cannot log into web Gui.
I’m able to ssh in and even did a sys update from terminal and still no luck.
I tripped over another thread with similar issues and did as advised (some terminal commands) rebooted and still nothing. much googling done so here I’m at your mercy!!

All sorted! Just ran “service rockstor restart” and were off.

@JTI Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for the report and update.

Glad you got it sorted in the end. Not sure what happened re the initial failure. Things can get flaky with slow (regular) usb key installs but this is apparently not the case here. Out of interest you could look to the system journal contents “man journalct” at around the time you first logged in. Also the contents of /opt/rockstor/var/log/rockstor.log may have some pointers.

Yes some iso usb key writers have inappropriate defaults or just plain add stuff that is not needed for our current image. See our Quick start doc entry Making a Rockstor USB install disk for he reported working options.

Always best to report exactly the command you ran, if possible, as otherwise it makes things very difficult for others to aid in diagnosis. Assuming a terminal is still available the command should be in the history. Just a tip for any future reports.

Well done for persevering and finding/sharing a workaround.

Remember to subscribe to one or other of the update channels as they are now both far removed from the default iso install. Also our stable channel is now far ahead of the testing channel (dev model in flux) but both should be usable and far better that plain iso install results.

Hope that helps and that things go a little more smoothly going forward.