New install issue

I have 12 4tb drives in the server (ST4000VN000-1H41) 5 are connected to the motherboard and show as 3.7tb is size. the other 7 are connected via LSI 3081e-r. 3 of those 7 drives show up as 2TB and the rest do not. I also have an intel 120gb ssd running the os. connected to the lsi and itr is working properly. when trying to create a pool i can only choose three drives that are connected via lsi and none of the 5 connected via sata to motherboard.

not sure what to do now

Hit the rescan button just to double ensure your disks page is current. And attach screenshot of your disks page.

Could the reason for only 3 out of 7 drives showing up be some raid configuration in the bios or LSI settings?

i found two issues. one the sas3081 wont recognize 4tb drives, and i only had 7 plugged in. now that that is resolved im rebooting to see what i can do with it now.


Cool @aaron. Hope it all works out. When it does, it would be great to create a post with detailed steps to get Rockstor up and running on this hardware. I’d like to convert that into a “wikified” post which would be helpful for all future users. If you want to write a blog post instead and provide a link that would be fine too and you could also submit the post to our blog. Getting ahead of myself here, but I do insist that once you figure it out, which you will, please help make it easy for future users.

if i read the manual i probably would not have had issues!

there was a gear next to the drives to wipe them. once that was done Ive added them to the pool and have that pool attached to vmware as nfs. so far so good!

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@aaron If you don’t mind, could you share your hardware specs? I want to put together a matrix of different hardware that’s in use.

all my test systems are supermicro servers/motherboards both single and dual procs. also a mix of LSI and adaptec raid cards. I finally got one system running on 3.8.7 but still had to build raid 6 containers on the raid card and present single disks to rockstor.