New shares being created in mnt2?


So I’m running Emby on my Rockstor install and cannot figure out why this is happening. Is it normal for Rockstor to place newly created shares into /mnt2? The reason I as is that Emby cannot find them when I try to add a New media Library.

. As you can see the Music and photos shares I created are located under mnt2 and Emby cannot see them. Ironically, I created /media for storing my Live TV Recordings and that worked just fine, but not the Music or photos shares.

I can access the shares by mounting them on my desktop so I know they are there and the path is right and I access then by and not So that works but Emby cannot see them either by /photos or by /mnt2/photos. In fact when I search for the folder when I’m adding a new Media Library in Emby, the mnt2 location is not even there. So what is really going on here?

Any thoughts,

This is by design, shares are created as BTRFS subvolumes under the pool, and then mounted to /mnt2.

Rockons are docker containers (a similar idea to virtualization), and as such only have access to the file systems exported to them.

I’ve found that the easiest way to manage this is to create one share for all of your media, export this to all rockons that require it, and have each rockon save to a subdirectory within that share.

If you outline your current configuration, I might be able to provide some insight into either relocating your media to a centralized share, or at least exporting all required shares to the emby rockon.


Oh okay. What I did was create the necessary shares and then go into Rockons and stop the Emby server and then click on the wrench icon and create shares there that map to the corresponding shares I created.


Did you find your data after this?

If not, when adding the storage to the rockon, you should have been provided a location to mount it to internally on the rockon. This is the absolute path from the rockon’s root

Thus, if you opted to mount to “/data/media/Movies”, you would need to tell Emby to find the media in “/data/media/Movies”

Yep, everything is working good now.