New user session in the GUI

On the current GUI we have two sessions: Rockstor Admin users and Other system users.

When creating users for my family I’ve noticed that will be displayed under Other system users. Would be possible to add another session for regular users? Something like the pic below:

Hi Aloisio,
do you really require having different Rockstor users?
Rockstor users -> Rockstor admins with full permissions via RockstorWebUI


Maybe I don’t understand the concept and/or my Linux skills are not so good, after all I took 30 years break, so help me here:

If I want to create shares for groups and users in Linux, I create the users and groups and assign permissions to the directories I want each group/user to have access to. That will limit their access when sharing.

With the above, I’d have two type of users: admins and regular users.

So, if my approach above is the right one, the answer to your question would be yes. If I’m wrong on the way I’m thinking (probably what is happening), could you please let me know how to assign rights to users that are not created in RockStor to directories and shares?


Hi Aloisio,
you can add other users without having them to be Rockstor users, so you can have them over shares (ex. samba/afp shares)



Thank you for your reply. Maybe I’m not understanding.

Yes, you can add other users going to system -> users -> add user. You can tick, or not, Allow this user to login to RockStor Web UI. If you tick that option, the user will show in the session Rockstor Admin Users. If you won’t, under Other system users, mixed with all other users including all required by linux (i.e. nginx, apache, sshd, etc).

My suggestion, to make a better separation between the Admin/System/Regular users was to create a new session for the Regular Users, so the Admin won’t have to find them inside the system, will be visible at a glance, etc.

Ok, got it!


Thank you Mirko. Please let me know if you’d need more info.