New Website and Private/Personal Cloud

First, new website looks great!

Second, I’m a bit confused by the Private Cloud and Personal Cloud slides.

Cloud to me suggest remote access over a WAN, which I didn’t know was built into Rockstor. Is it? If so, that’s awesome, but I don’t see any documentation on it.


A few things are coming together that make Rockstor accessible over WAN and as a Cloud endpoint as well as a Cloud gateway. We recently released Rock-ons, which are docker based apps. Currently we only have OpenVPN and Plex. The support will mature in a few releases and more Rock-ons will be added. Ultimately, we’d like the ability for users to add their own Rock-ons. So it’s more and more feasible to access, say your Rockstor box at home as Cloud server with various apps as individual services hosted by it, leveraging the storage platform underneath.

Documentation is severely lacking. We can certainly use help :slight_smile:

We recently released Rock-ons, which are docker based apps.

As far as I know Docker belongs DigitalOcean based Infrastructure. So, Does Rockstor only valid for DigitalOcean based cloud or it also provides service to google cloud hosting, AWS, Cloudways, etc.

Docker does not belong to, or uniquely on, DO infrastructure, if that’s what you mean. Rockstor is a combo of operating system and some extra software, including Docker. This allows you to run docker containers on your Rockstor installation.

Not sure where all the cloud mumbo jumbo is coming from, Rockstor isn’t typically used on other people’s servers, as the main selling point is making storage easy.