Newb questions - 4x2TB raid levels, other questions

I am liking what I am seeing looking at this project so far.

I have a setup I would like to put into use for some testing. Like the topic title says I have 4 2TB drives to use. With the current state of the file system should I use raid 1 to be safest? 4TB of space is enough to do what I need and be able to experiment (and easily keep backed up).

What is the best way to backup? Could I just do an rsync to my Mac Mini server? Other options?


Welcome to Rockstor community!

Raid 1&10 are very safe.

Some backup Rock-Ons are coming soon, like crashplan etc… But rsync should work fine. You can also setup Share replication to another Rockstor appliance.

We’d like to support all common backup use cases, hopefully soon. These would include backup to public cloud such as S3, backup to external USB drive, backup to targets on the lan, both Rockstor and non-Rockstor targets

Currently I use a combination of rsync and Rockstor->Rockstor replication.