Newbie Q - can't find harddrive under storage

Hey guys, new guy here who installed Rockstor for the first time. I’m running this off of an old PC that has multiple pre-existing drives. I used the USB stick to install Rockstor to a small SSD and now I want to make sure the NAS has the remainder of the hard drives available for storage (one 1TB and one 4TB). But for some reason, when I go to Storage>Disks, I only see the small 120GB SSD and the USB stick I used to install Rockstor. The rest of the storage did not show up, even when I clicked “rescan”. I know these two drives are properly plugged in because before I installed Rockstor, both showed up running Windows OS. I must be skipping something (like formatting the drive in some way) such that they are not showing up. Can anybody help this newbie out? Thank you!

@davidzest, welcome to the Rockstor community.
You probably need to thoroughly wipe the old windows disk before they show as available to Rockstor.

You could use these instructions here

or your preferred method to wipe the entire disks,

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