Nextcloud AIO as 'official'


Currently the ‘nextcloud-official’ rockon uses the plain Nextcloud docker container.

However, Nextcloud recommends using the new all in one (AIO) docker image as server environment. “The official Nextcloud installation method.”

Would the rockon team support transitioning from the plain docker container, to the AIO solution?

Perhaps a rename from “nextcloud-official” to “nextcloud-simple” or “nextcloud-sqlite”, and introduce the AIO solution as “nextcloud-aio”?


@RlndVt hello again.
Fundamentally, nothing speaks against having the AiO package also published as a Rockon. We would probably start out with both of them available, and then (if/when it makes sense) deprecate the “simple” one.
Do you fancy opening an issue on the Rockon repository? Also, if you feel comfortable you can take a shot a proposing a Rockon json setup. In absence of that, if you have tested it already, can you post which parameter you considered relevant/not useful for it to work?
As usual, we want to get to a “mainstream” setup that can hopefully be used by the majority of users.


Hello Dan,

Thanks, good to know. I’ll open an issue and start some preliminary work.


Have you made any progress in adding the Nextcloud (AIO) docker image to the pool of available rockstor rockons?