NFS is mounting empty

After upgrading to current version of Rockstor 3.9.2-54 My NFS stopped mounting on the client side.
Event if it mounts it when I check the mounted path they have no contents, since it had have it before


@alexmesfin, while I am not using NFS shares and am not very knowledgeable in that space, we probably need a little more information on this.

Have you come across this thread?

While there is no conclusive resolution stated in there, it can help you gather some additional information. You might be the unlucky “reproducer” for this issue that @phillxnet was looking for. Or, a much more optimistic outlook, it might help get to the bottom of your particular problem.


@Hooverdan Thanks for you response.
And my situation is similar to the support log you have shared except that I did not have a snapshot.

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sudo umount -f /nfs/workspace and sudo mount -a did the trick for me.