NFS shares: advanced mode adding subfolders of a Share

I have a share named media under /mnt2/POOLNAME/media and /mnt2/media. It’s also available as an export under /exports/media/.

Underneath media I have a few sub-folders, and I’d like to share some of these via NFS - but I can’t! Even in advanced mode! I get the error that the share does not exist.

Is this intentional? I would love to be able to change this. Thanks a lot.

Adding on to this – since it’s a somewhat similar issue – I’d like to be able to specify arbitrary folders as nfs shares. I’ve got an encfs-encrypted smb share that I mount as a backup drive on my rockstor machine, which I’d like to export via nfs to streamline remote backups from both rockstor and its clients. But I’m getting the same error than roweryan. Would be happy to only be able to do that via advanced mode.