NIC Speed troubleshoot

Hello people!

Hope you are all been doing ok given the circumstances.

Suddenly my intel NIC 82574L adapter has dropped speed and while reporting Gigabit connection, actual speed for file transfers between my Windows machine and my Rockstor server defaults to 100 Mbits.

Using the same Windows pc for file transfer from-and-to different clients in my LAN I get gigabit no problem.

And this is the same Rockstor server I have been using for the past 3 years with no hiccups (including gigabit speeds). No hardware change whatsoever.

Please help me find out the culprit.


Intel driver is:
driver: e1000e
version: 3.2.6-k
firmware-version: 1.8-0

@Sky12016, I assume you’re running the CentOS version of Rockstor (3.9.x).
Could this have happened after some system updates recently?
I know on my machine, mid-March I installed quite a few smb updates on my machine, maybe that has some impact on your speeds?

If that’s the case, I noticed there seems to be a newer version of the driver available, too - but that should only be a last resort.

I assume, your dmesg log doesn’t show anything unusual for that device/driver since your last reboot?


Hello @Hooverdan and thanks for your input.

Today’s update: Gigabit speed has been restored!

In the afternoon I got this on dmesg:

[Wed Apr 14 16:35:07 2021] e1000e: NIC Link is Down
[Wed Apr 14 16:35:10 2021] e1000e: NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex,

And at the same time I see this on my opnsense appliance:

2021-04-14T16:35:05 opnsense[78948] /usr/local/etc/rc.newwanip: On (IP address: (interface: LAN[lan]) (real interface: igb0).
2021-04-14T16:35:05 opnsense[78948] /usr/local/etc/rc.newwanip: IPv4 renewal is starting on ‘igb0’
2021-04-14T16:35:05 opnsense[56072] /usr/local/etc/rc.linkup: Hotplug event detected for LAN(lan) but ignoring since interface is configured with static IP (
2021-04-14T16:35:04 kernel igb0: link state changed to UP
2021-04-14T16:35:00 opnsense[46642] /usr/local/etc/rc.linkup: Hotplug event detected for LAN(lan) but ignoring since interface is configured with static IP (
2021-04-14T16:35:00 kernel igb0: link state changed to DOWN

A couple of days ago; I had disconnected my opnsense router from my network configuration for troubleshooting and plugged it back in within two hours. I suppose this was the cause of my issue although I don’t know why. And still; I have no idea what is this ‘hotplug event’ that opnsense reports.

I am indeed running the CentOS version of Rockstor.
With regard to updates; the only thing I do is check and apply any updates from Rockstor web-ui when I find them available.

Apart from that I googled about updating my Intel NIC on CentOS and every single guide dictates to run ‘yum update’ beforehand. I am not especially tech-savvy when it comes to Linux; but from what I remember I am not supposed to do so when runnning Rockstor OS. So I am a bit puzzled about that.

So all is well in my little network. We have a saying where I come from: “Time is the best remedy”.
In my case; I just had to wait for my router to renew the ip addresses that is handing out.

Regards to all!