No IP address after install

I’ve installed v3.8.15 on an HPE N40L microserver.

The install seems fine but on boot I get no IP address coming up.

If I type ip addr show or ip address all I get it

Any ideas what might be going wrong?

@Antony_Adshead Welcome to the Rockstor community.

On first boot Rockstor has to do a tone of setup stuff, such as db creation / migration to current state starting some services etc. So it can sometimes take a minute or two for the terminal message to get updated, and this update requires that the Enter key be pressed for it to update so it may just be a matter of time. Especially if your system disk is slow, ie a regular USB key. Rockstor is not suited for install to normal USB keys and really needs fast variants or regular HDD, SSD for it’s system disk.

Any reason why you are not using the latest Rockstor-3.9.1.iso image for the install. That iso is already pretty old so your 3.8.15 is now rather ancient.

Other than that I would check your lan DHCP and connections. Is there more than one network card for instance.

Hopefully others can chip in on this one as given you’ve check via ip it should really have been setup by then.

Hope that helps.

Any reason why you are not using the latest Rockstor-3.9.1.iso image for the install.>>>>>>> Yes, I had this issue with the same hardware. Installation stuck on HP Microserver N40L

I’m sure the physical LAN connection is fine as I had another NAS software installed previously which gave me an IP address for the hardware.

With rockstor I’m not getting one (except

@Antony_Adshead It may not be relevant but have you tried @carlasella suggestion, in your linked thread, re your install problems on the newer iso:

It pertains to a different model, the N54L so may not be relevant but if it is it may work around your install problem, and potentially address the network issue also. Might be worth a try.

Strange that you are getting no network.

Let us know how this goes.

Can anyone else chip in on the install or the network issue with this hardware and Rockstor.

It may be that you could get more info, and possibly achieve a work around, by using nmcli to establish an internet connection and then use that to upgrade the system; which in turn may sort the network problem. Especially if you can subscribe to an update channel where you can pick up one of the newer kernels. Maybe you could temporarily use another network adaptor during this work around, if that is what is required. Also not sure of the system disk arrangement on these systems but it is entirely possible to move a Rockstor system, once installed, from one machine to another. I.e. install to a system disk on one machine, update it, and once all updates are in place shutdown and transfer the system disk to the NAS hardware.