No SMART status/reports on any drives on v3.8.15

Is this a bug or does Rockstor not yet support SMART in the GUI? This is a fresh install of 3.8.15. None of my 8 drives are reporting SMART info, just make/model, capacity, and serial number.

It supports and reports SMART through the GUI. Often missing SMART information is due to a hardware card not passing through the information.

One example is here, note the last comment with the guy running smartscan tools?

Thanks for the link.

That’s absolutely not the problem here because these disks are plugged directly into a motherboard SATA port. No SMART data is being reported in Rockstor.

What does the smart tools say? Can you get any information from that? Rockstor is only reporting what it sees. It’s possible the chipset on the motherboard has a known issue. I can’t say more without details (hardware and what’s from the smart tools).


I previously ran Rockstor on this box (about 1.5 years ago) and it read SMART data at that time. Also, prior to reinstalling Rockstor I was running unRAID and it was able to see the SMART status. Something changed between this version of Rockstor and the one I ran a year ago. For reference: this is an ASROCK N3700-ITX board.

@Learning2NAS Hello there. If we have some screen shots or the like then we can more easily see what is missing between expectation and finding. Your report of make/mode, capacity, serial number is also shown in the disks page so from that we might assume that you have a “Not supported” flag in the S.M.A.R.T column or that the switch was off. But SMART info in Rockstor is gotten to via a click on the drive name in the left most column. As documented on the Disks page of the Official docs.

I have an ASROCK N3700-ITX here and all smart from both controllers is fine. The N3700 chip only has 2 SATA ports built in so ASROCK have added another 2 port controller on the motherboard. I put one data drive on each to hedge my bets and gain a form of controller redundancy.

Could it be that you have yet to press the Refresh button.

and then after “Refresh”:

We do have an outstanding issue to address this particular usability short fall:

And we have a large pending pull request on the docs that includes the addition of a S.M.A.R.T HowTo:

Hope that helps.

Well, I’ll be damned. That was exactly my problem. Everything fills in after I click refresh. What a silly mistake on my part.

Thank you, Philip.