No update, no any rock-on package

Hi all,

I reinstall my Rockstor server yesterday, but I can’t get any update or install any rock-on package.
Each time I’m on the dashboard I have this message :

We recommend activating Stable updates unless you wish to run cutting edge code and actively test Rockstor. By purchasing Stable subscription, you are providing the crucial support we need. So Thanks in advance!

If I click on “I’ll activate”, I’m waiting a lot of time to finally got :

For Rock-on package, same behavior : I click on “update” to check new Rock-on.
I’m waiting a lot of time and finally :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/rest_framework_custom/”, line 41, in _handle_exception
File “/opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/storageadmin/views/”, line 395, in _get_available
response = requests.get(remote_root, timeout=10)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/requests-1.1.0-py2.7.egg/requests/”, line 55, in get
return request(‘get’, url, **kwargs)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/requests-1.1.0-py2.7.egg/requests/”, line 44, in request
return session.request(method=method, url=url, **kwargs)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/requests-1.1.0-py2.7.egg/requests/”, line 279, in request
resp = self.send(prep, stream=stream, timeout=timeout, verify=verify, cert=cert, proxies=proxies)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/requests-1.1.0-py2.7.egg/requests/”, line 374, in send
r = adapter.send(request, **kwargs)
File “/opt/rockstor/eggs/requests-1.1.0-py2.7.egg/requests/”, line 215, in send
raise Timeout(e)
Timeout: HTTPConnectionPool(host=‘’, port=80): Request timed out. (timeout=10)

It is on my side or on Rockstor side ?

Thank you

Looks like it could be your side.

What happens when you do the following from a shell on your Rockstor server:



yum check-update

Hi vesper1978,

Thank you for your reply.
There is the result :

and :

[root@tzanahome ~]# yum check-update
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror
URL: [Errno 12] Timeout on URL: (28, ‘Connection timed out after 30001 milliseconds’)
Trying other mirror.


PS : Rockstor, your system to limit the number of link in post is very painful to explain my issue !!!


What version of RockStor are you on?

Rockstor-3.9.1 downloaded yester

@vesper1978 and @Tzana

I am also (in the UK) getting “Too many hops:”

21:                         149.714ms asymm 13 
22:                         149.693ms asymm 14 
23:  no reply
24:  no reply
25:  no reply
26:  no reply
27:  no reply
28:  no reply
29:  no reply
30:  no reply
     Too many hops: pmtu 1492
     Resume: pmtu 1492 

Although the http main sight is working as expected!

Although on both a 3.9.1-16 and a stable subscription 3.9.2-31 system ‘yum check-update’ works as expected, ie no time out. Although I did see some timeouts for centos repos yesterday funnily enough but they failed over in time to others that did work.

Not sure if that’s helpful or not really.

(Forum moderator hat on) - your trust level is now increased so you should now be sorted: it’s default discourse behaviour. This would happen in time anyway as you post more.

Hope that helps at least.

Thanks for your feedback
So do you thing I have something to do ?
Reinstall ?


EDIT : I created a VM, same behavior
then I discovered that I can’t go on on my computer … Weird
I restarted my internet box and now it’s ok
Sorry for the disturb

@Tzana Thanks for the update and glad you got it sorted. A very belated welcome to the Rockstor community to you.

Yes that is weird. Oh well.