No Web Gui after reboot

can not connect to web gui, ssh and samba shares after reboot
It is a fresh install (yesterday)
i can see Samba Shares but not connect because of wrong password (i have only one)
SSH the same
web gui is not reachable in Firefox

thanks for help

@kinghol Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for the report.

I am uncertain but I think we may have an intermittent bug in networking that might occasionally surface as this. I’m looking into a related issue currently so hopefully we can get to the bottom on it soon. For the time being you could try another reboot as given the suspected intermittent nature you may be up and running again.

Hope that helps at least for the time being. Also if you do get the Web-UI back you could look to the logs made during the failed Web-UI period and see if there is any clues you can pass on. I haven’t managed to replicate this problem here just yet however.

Also what version install are you trialling as we have just had a new iso released?

Thx for replying,
I don’t know of any networking problems, but for me I had to edit /etc/localtime and /etc/vconsole.conf because the installer gave me no time to change locale (in my case German)!
After changing configuration files manualy and a reboot there was no gui in firefox!

But it is in the past, I had reinstall and now everything works fine and now I wait now for the new appliance code because of the new installation.

Have an nice Weekend