Not all AD groups are shown in Rockstor

Rockstor 3.9.2-57
AD is 2012 R2 (yes, I know it’s old)

This is not a new installation and it’s mostly works fine.
However, we have one AD security group that does not show up in Rockstor Groups, therefore I can’t use it for share permissions.

The Rockstor network connection is pointing to the windows DNS servers in my AD. AD replication works fine.

When I ssh to the Rockstor command line, wbinfo -g shows the group names but there’s one in particular that is shown in this list that is NOT shown on the Rockstor webpage so I can’t assign it to Samba share permissions.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?


@MRC-MBU Hello again.

Possibly. How may users do you have in your AD domain.

We recently again ran into a self imposed user limit and increased it. Hence the question. The last increase was in version 4.0.2 in the following:

with that issue referencing the previous ‘expansion’ from 5000 in:

which was in turn released in version 3.9.2-22 so you should already have this > 5000 expansion ‘fix’ in place:

Note that the last release of the v3 variant (CentOS based) was the one you are currently running: 3.9.2-57. But note that, as requested in your earlier post here:

and my response there. The output of the following command:

yum info rockstor

Is important to check as we did have a fault way back where the Web-UI would incorrectly report the latest available as installed !!

Hope that helps.

Hello, Philip,

yum info rockstor gives:

Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

  • base:
  • epel:
  • extras:
  • updates:
    Installed Packages
    Name : rockstor
    Arch : x86_64
    Version : 3.9.2
    Release : 57
    Size : 85 M
    Repo : installed
    From repo : Rockstor-Stable
    Summary : Btrfs Network Attached Storage (NAS) Appliance.
    URL :
    License : GPL
    Description : Software raid, snapshot capable NAS solution with built-in file
    : integrity protection. Allows for file sharing between network
    : attached devices.

Our AD users are hundreds but well under a thousand so that shouldn’t be an issue.
Anything else to look at?

Many thanks,