Not LAN operations

@Derek, welcome to the Rockstor community.
Can you show how you connect to the Samba shares on Rockstor?
Meaning, are you using the IP address from Rockstor to connect to them? Something along the lines of:

\\xxx.xx.xx.xx\Rockstor_Samba_Share_Name (if you’re using a windows PC to do so).

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hi there
thank you so much for the quick reply
\ \\MultiMedia
As soon as I cut my connection to the internet the access is gone. As if I am working outside the LAN

that is indeed very strange. i assume you don’t have issues like that with any other devices in your network like this (e.g. PC to PC connections)?
Are you using your Internet providers router for obtaining IP addresses, or do you have your own router set up behind the modem?
I do suspect, it has something to do with your network setup, but if this is not an issue for any other connections that you run, then I am a little surprised why Rockstor only seems to be affected by it.

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I have now just tested a shared folder between my 2 windows PC’s. Copies 20MB’s no problem. still slightly slow but not the 10MB’s of Rockstor Server. (Both PC’s were on Wifi)

And if you disconnect the internet during the 2 windows PC copy operation, it still works?

I still don’t understand why that seems necessary (I have not run into this problem), but you could try this comment on the other thread you posted in:

And see whether that both improves your speed and also makes you “independent” of the WAN connection …
Otherwise, you can try to dig into the logs and see whether you see other error messages (you can also check in that other thread for more details on what they had observed).


And finally, just to be sure, when you have a connection to the Rockstor server open on your windows PC, can you open a PowerShell in Administrator mode and run the command Get-SmbConnection. I am curious in what you find in the “dialect” column (which represents the Samba version/level it’s connecting). In Windows 11 it should be something like 3.1.1


runs but gives me no feedback

Hi sorry for the dumb questions. Like I said I am totally new to this. What do you mean when you say :

Have you tried to add Rockstor / Rockstor-i3 hostnames to /etc/hosts, to get rid of those errors

@Derek rarely a dumb question :slight_smile:
When you go to the command line on the Rockstor instance (now, I am assuming you know how to do that, let me know if I’m mistaken), you can open the hostfile using
nano /etc/hosts
Like under windows you can now map an IP address to a host name, so the system knows not to try to do a hostname lookup.

There should already be a line in that file that states:       localhost

You can add a line now that represents the host name for your Rockstor Server. For example, your Rockstor hostname (that you created during the installation) is rockleaper then the entry in your case would be something like:       rockleaper

then use key combination +o to save the file again. To quit the nano editor, just use +x


it shows localhost
nothing else

it says File Name to write /etc/hosts
if I press enter it says Permission denied

it says File Name to write /etc/hosts
if I press enter it says Permission denied

are you running the command line as root? You will have to open the file using sudo nano ... if you don’t

Hi. I added the line rockleaper
Saved it Rebooted and went in again to see.
it is now in.

How would a person now access the shares.

system still very slow in copying

now get
ServerName ShareName UserName Credential Dialect NumOpens Rockstor_Test OPTIMUS-PRIME\dcrst MicrosoftAccount\ 3.1.1 2

I hope, you used your Rockstor Server name instead of rockleaper in the file. Otherwise, this can cause other issues. You can still access the shares the same way you did before. The intent was to see whether possible attempts at server name resolution via the internet connection can be avoided (which could cause some of the slowness).

And the powershell command shows it’s using the 3.1.1. version of Samba, so that at least is good.

Since I don’t run into this problem at all, I am not sure on how to proceed here.


This is really wierd. Have now redone the whole PC. reinstalled Rockstor gave the IP address the servers name and still the system is extremely slow

Only other thing to look for direct Samba problems would be to check out the smbd and nmbd logs for errors that might explain what’s going on.

You can find those under the System menu → Logs Manager
Might be easier to read when you download the displayed 200 rows and check for error and/or timeout messages … most of them will likely just be informational on connections, transfers, etc. but you can also isolate what’s happening when, since they do contain some date/time stamps:


Don’t know what to say. Decided to look at modem and found the 1000Mb modem the company was supposed to supply was a 100Mb modem. Really sorry for wasting your time.
Will see if I can get a 1gb modem.
Kind regards