Null value in column "name" violates not-null constraint


when installing Rockstor, the root disk was /dev/sda2. Now after some changes to the hardware it is sdb2.

Rockstor still boots up, but when re-scanning for disks, I get
null value in column “name” violates not-null constraint DETAIL: Failing row contains (49, null, null, 0, single, 2016-02-16 20:36:33.686633+00, null, null, root).

In the Log I find that rockstor is calling btrfs fi show /dev/sda2
This of course returns an empty value (sda2 does not even exist (sda is not partitioned).

Where does rockstor take the “sda2” from? Where is this particular information (i.e. that the root was on sda2) stored?


You could add your sql error to the list here:

But it’s no sql-error here, or do I miss something?

Could you send the logs to or at least the relevant traceback?

Does the problem go away after a minute or so? The disk state is refreshed and unless there is a bug, it should auto update the disk names. If the problem persists even after hitting “rescan” button(manually triggering the disk state refresh), then it’s probably a bug.