NUT-UPS PFM (Pure Fine Magic)

I installed Rockstor on a pi (hostname rockstor2) and during the setup, I noticed that it was magically already configure for NUT-UPS (hosted on pi.local - not a rockstor machine), as if it had copied my nut-ups configuration from my other Rockstor machine. I didn’t set it up on the pi - it was one my “yeah, I ought to do this” list. Does the install do some magic here?


@wdc Hello again.


Yes, and no.
This is most likely predominantly down to the tech we use (webbrowser) not actually us as such :slight_smile: . I.e. your browser guessed/auto-filled these for your.

Nice when it works in our favour thought.

Can you report on expected/experience function for the NUT-UPS subsystem by the way. I’m rather hoping we are ready for then next stable on that front, bar some cosmetic/unimportant systemd file rights issues that can wait:

Cheers and thanks for the reports. As always.

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A good thought, the weird thing is that I saw a NUT-UPS notice on the console which is before I had configured the service. I’ll call it magic for now.

I’ve been running it for some time on my primary machine, as client. The server is another pi. There was a learning curve to get it running on the pi but the Suse/Rockstor client has been perfectly stable. I’ll review the file rights issue and let you know if anything rings a bell there. According to my notes, I did make these changes on the pi:

chown nut:nut /etc/nut/*
chmod 640 /etc/nut/upsd.users /etc/nut/upsmon.conf


I’ve seen no issues with nut-monitor service on my Rockstor pi.

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 4 Jan 23 05:00