Nvme01 disk not supported yet?


Smart options for nvme disk limited to just : -d -T bloblo…
so nvme disk keeps being not identied as a SMART able…so no creation
of a valid disk/pool is doable…

So Rockstor not an option for us then !..correct RockTeam ???..

well o well…too bad. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nas hopper…

@terii are you saying that you can’t see NVME disks in the WebUI? Or you do, but when you try to create a pool you get a SMART related error message?

For which version of Rockstor are you investigating this?

:slight_smile:i, thaks for the interest.
Option 2…b…:slight_smile: I can see the nvme disk, it just doesnt switch to any “Ready” status after
i input -d -T (permissive stuff if i remember well"
So it accept the “-d …” but S.A.R.T. feature does not switch to “activated”
therefore, I got stuck there…(brfs or ext4 format if I remember) coild not add it to a pool or whatever step was following…
since the forum did not return anyone with an nvme “working” system…I just went to XigmanNAS. I was usng OMV just before with the same machine and config. SSD+NVME till I wanted to try another NAS sys.
I could configure my nvme in xfs and - for now- using smb an Linux Voyage accessing clientconfig. and its doing ok.

  • I ll see next how to configure it a similar NFS share I had use with the OMV config… since it seems to me to be faster (no bench done there…) and totally transparent in daily usage with xfs from a linux client than using SMB.

Well well, I dont think I ll spend more time retesting RockStor for now,