NZBGet Rock-on created

I have created a working NZBGet Rock-on (couldn’t figure out how to do pull-request on GitHub so posting it here).

    "NZBGet": {
        "containers": {
            "nzbget": {
                "image": "linuxserver/nzbget",
                "launch_order": 1,
                "opts": [
                "ports": {
                    "6789": {
                        "description": "NZBGet WebUI port. Suggested default: 6789",
                        "host_default": 6789,
                        "label": "WebUI port",
                        "protocol": "tcp",
                        "ui": true
                "volumes": {
                    "/config": {
                        "description": "Choose a Share for NZBGet configuration. Eg: create a Share called nzb-config for this purpose alone.",
                        "label": "Config Storage"
                    "/downloads": {
                        "description": "Choose a Share for NZBGet downloads. Eg: create a Share called nzbget-downloads for this purpose alone. You can also assign other media Shares on the system after installation.",
                        "label": "Download Storage"
        "description": "The most efficient usenet downloader.",
		"more_info": "<h4>Default username: nzbget</p>Default password: tegbzn6789",
        "ui": {
            "slug": ""
        "volume_add_support": true,
        "website": "",
	"version": "1.0"

Please see for instructions:

Thanks for your submission. I’ve added it to the rockon-registry repo. I do like team and their images!