NZBHydra Rockon

Hi, this is my first post I only stumbled across Rockstor yesterday after searching for something new coming from being a user of UNraid… I am really liking Rockstor but it didnt have one of my favourite dockers which is NZBHydra.

So I went and created the json file for it and it pulls from, all their dockers are great and are updated regular. The json file is available from github at the below link. :sunglasses:


@Porkie Welcome to Rockstor. So that’s a nice start; well done.

Had you considered opening a pull request on the rockon-registry as that way your Rock-on would be available on all Rockstor installs auto style. Plus you would have it available on all future fresh Rockstor installs; just a suggestion. Oh and there’s the fame and glory of course.

Thanks for your contribution and I hope you consider the official registry pull request.

Yes the folks do a great job and we are getting more and more of their images as we go.

Ok I think I did it right, Forked then did a pull request.

@Porkie Are yes I see it now. Great. Now over to @suman for review / merge.

@Porkie As an aside from our chat on your now numerous GitHub pull requests; have you tested all of these Rock-ons locally?

Nice explanations on the UID, GID by the way.

Yes ive tested all before pushing to github on my local machine and all work fine. I would never push anything if it didnt work without trying it first.