Old Nas Drives & Rockstor

Hi Please can you help Im a photographer (Mac) with a load of old and I mean old Buffalo nas (and I mean 10years plus) and Netgear Ready NAS 4200v2 24TB, I cant get into any of it Ive tried version 18 firefox but it all just does not work SMB etc !!! will Rockstore fix it>

Thanks all

@hicky7 welcome to the Rockstor community.

Sorry to hear about your troubles on the NAS environments. Unfortunately, Rockstor will likely not help you in this situation, as (I assume) Netgear is not using btrfs and pools for its storage layout.

The question would be whether you originally set up any RAID level? If not, then you could pop in the disks into another system (I know you’re on a Mac, but maybe you or somebody you know has some PC based box available) and pull the data from there to a new environment (and that could of course be Rockstor).

If you have set up some type of RAID, you’re probably going to be stuck with figuring out how to get your NAS to be responsive again (e.g. SMB or other share types). I also assume, you don’t have any additional backups of that data (which, of course, you should but that doesn’t always happen) that you can fall back on.

You might have to ask for help for your current situation on