Old Unit, but very seldom used, trying to install

ROCPRO 860 External Hard Drive…yes it’s old but it was hardly used at all. Now trying to install it on a 2-yr old Dell laptop. Once I hooked it up, I get on my desktop: Mass Storage-Shortcut. But when I click on it, I to not see the files already backed up, nor do I see anything actionable.

Thank you.

@HMcBride, welcome to the Rockstor community forums. However, I think you might be on the wrong page. Rockstor is a open-source NAS software solution that’s completely unrelated to Rocstor (up until your post I didn’t even know there was a company by that name :slight_smile:).
You probably have to find help for that External Hard Drive on their support forums, assuming the drive was formatted compatible format for your Dell to understand. Maybe there are special drivers required if it’s quite old

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Thank you, I have reached out to Rocstor.