Onyl some frustrating words


Some month ago i´ve tried rockstor as a NAS OS on my HP N40L.

During the few weeks of trying i had different problems like system hangs during boot etc.

Finally there came an update that did not even start the installation gui anymore if i wanted to do a fresh installation. So i returned back to OMV which is running like a charm like the moment i´ve installed it.

I dunno what it is … is it because rockstor is centos based or not? But its really annoying and making me angry because i love the rockstor interface and also its pooling function is great but if some peace like that won´t even boot on one of those wellknown microservers that a lot of people use something might be wrong. So OMV based on Debian doesn´t have any kind of trouble.

I just wanted to let you know this after i´ve just tried booting the latest 3.9.0 release but this also hangs after the bootmenu when i choose to install.



out of curiosity - what fs you use on omv ?

I use EXT4 with OMV.

So, why you’re surprised that mix of:

  • different distro,
  • different raid configuration (you use software raid)
  • different FS (that can eat your data and you will never know)

gives you different results ? Not trying to confront you, just curious …

I don’t complain about results.

I love Rockstor but with the latest build i can’t even boot into the install interface. That’s what making me cry. :-0

Hi @Basti_Fantasti,
can you provide some screenshots / further infos / anything helping us to help you? :slight_smile:


@Basti_Fantasti @Flyer not sure but has the HP N40L not controller issues with Centos?

I don´t know.

You can find this in Rockstor docu…

The developers of Rockstor use HP Micro servers for individual use.

The N40L is a microserver that a lot of ppl are using as a homeserver.

Rockstor is the only OS making trouble, massive trouble.

OMV - works
Unraid - works
Xpenology Loader - DSM 6 - works
Freenas - works
Rockstor - latest build can´t even be installed

That´s really annoying…

@Basti_Fantasti I see your point, n40L is dodgy as F to run from …

Maybe you can provide @Flyer with information what goes wrong. With this information it’s just guessing. So het can investigate… :slight_smile:

No one can investigate without further infos, not me, not @phillxnet, not @suman, not @Tomasz_Kusmierz, no any forum user (we often have good contributions from other users :slight_smile: )


I’ve got a crystal ball of software knowledge, along with lsd it gives nice results :slight_smile:

Well guys… my microserver is for sale now as i´m going to switch to apollo lake. :wink:

New components will arrive this weekend.