OpenVPN client setup

Hi all

I’ve been using Unraid for a few months now but have always had some sort of an issue with it. I’ve been trying Rockstor in a VM for a while and it really seems great. Everything so far just works.

I still have one thing before I can totally switch over, and that’s getting everything fully routed through my VPN provider. It has the OpenVPN Rock-on, which installs just fine, but as far as I am aware it only acts as the server, I need it to be the client. I have my .crt and .key files with me.

I’ve tried setting it up via the console, or even installing a GUI onto it but I’m not having any luck with that.

Are there any ways for me to set up the server as an openVPN client?

I’ve tried searching for any answers but had no luck with that either.