OpenVPN config location Rockstor?

I was able to get OpenVPN working for the most part, but when I connect to the VPN server remotely I am unable to access the LAN shared folders. I am able to surf the internet through the VPN just fine. The problem seems to be that my LAN is using 10.0.0 addresses, but when using the VPN it is giving me a 192.168. address.

I can’t find the location of the OpenVPN server config file on the Rockstor server to check the settings and am hoping that someone knows where I can find it.

Also if anyone has any other suggestions on why I am having these issues it would be greatly appreciated.

These files are located in a docker volume, which has its own filesystem. Unfortunately, due to the nature of docker, access to these is a bit finicky, but you should be able to open a shell in this volume as follows:

# docker run --rm --volumes-from ovpn-data -it busybox sh

The server config file is in /etc/openvpn.

Another path you could take if the rock-on server settings don’t work is to remove the rock-on entirely and just yum install openvpn directly to the system. The configuration files will then be in the system’s own /etc/openvpn and you’ll need to put the CA certificate, server key and server certificate over there. If you have e.g. /etc/openvpn/server.conf you can then set the server to start on boot with:
# systemctl enable openvpn@server
and start it in the current session with:
# systemctl start openvpn@server

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Thanks a lot Steven. This should give me the ability to at least rule some things out. I will report back if I figure out the problem from here.

I found this very useful in tracking down what had to be edited. Below are some lessons learned, just in case someone else runs into internal DNS issues. Our MAC users had no issues using the out of the box config by simply editing the Tunnelblick setting to push all traffic over the vpn; however our windows clients would not resolve via the internal DNS. Below are the edits I used to resolve our issues.

Basic Info

network range (510 addresses):
subnet mask:
dns servers:,,

Added to openvpn.conf:

Push Configurations Below

push "block-outside-dns"
push "dhcp-option DNS"
push "dhcp-option DNS"
push "dhcp-option DNS"
push “route 1” (ie: route + gw + metric)

Another way to locate the openvpn.conf if the method in the article doesnt help, is to install mlocate and use updatedb and locate command to find your file(s). It may show up in more than one container, just make sure your changes propagate to them all.

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