OpenVPN issues connecting to client

When connecting to my Rockstor Server using the OpenVPN client everything is fine until I get this message:

Can’t add WFP sublayer
Blocking DNS failed!
Exiting due to fatal error

Any ideas what I can do to fix this? The server setup went perfectly. I am running the ovpn config file on my Windows 10 laptop, but i was under the impression that it should work fine. Is there an additional step that I missed somewhere?

*Edit - The reason this was happening was because I was attempting to make the connection by right clicking the client config file and attempting to run it with openvpn. Using the OpenVPN GUI and putting the client config file in the GUI config folder fixed the problem. No idea why, but it worked.

It’s sounds like right-clicking the config and attempting to run it with OpenVPN invokes OpenVPN with insufficient privileges (Running as a standard user, instead of the system-installed application)

This would prevent OpenVPN from accessing the Windows Filtering Platform, which OpenVPN users for blocking external DNS to force it over the VPN.