OpenVPN Rock-on: Server configuration?


i played around a little bit with the OpenVPN rock-on, read the documentation and managed to connect to the server. Now i’d like to ask if the OpenVPN Rock-on is just for tunneling from the client to the server for browsing the net - or can i do more? Because i couldn’t find any admin web interface or server configuration.


The OpenVPN rockon is to allow you to connect to your system’s network remotely. Incidentally, it is configured to only route traffic bound for your internal net via the VPN (thus it is not for masking your source externally, etc)

OpenVPN provides no admin interface, as it does not require one. Once the keys etc are configured, when you connect you have access to everything on your local net.

For example, if your rockstor IP address is, and you have port forwarded the OpenVPN port (1194 UDP by default), you can connect to your OpenVPN from your office and simply browse to in order to access your Rockstor UI.
You could access your sonarr rock-on using
Or your couchpotato with

Based on the above assumptions, if your router address were, then you could open your router UI with

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Hi @Haioken,

thank you very much. Your explanation helped me a lot to understand.

I always was confused because i read in the openvpn connection log the ip address 192.168.255.x but my home network has 192.168.0.x.

It is exactly as you said and i can reach the RockstorUI, router ui, …

Thanks again