Opportunity to write for 'Open Source For You' magazine April 2016 issue

Hello community!

I want to share with you a recent email I received from editorial staff at Open Source for You magazine asking for submissions for their April 2016 issue dedicated to ‘Backup and Data Storage’.

To share my brief history with this magazine : I wrote an article that was published by Open Source for You for their Dec 2015 issue. Here is the link : http://opensourceforu.efytimes.com/2016/01/rockstor-the-rockstar-among-nas-solutions/. They published my article as-is with changes to the title and cover photo. To my surprise, I also received a small (but still appreciable) honorarium of approx $43, two weeks after the article went live. This magazine has a significant readership in the open source community in India and their Facebook community has approx 592K members : https://www.facebook.com/OpenSourceForU/. In my opinion, it is a good way to share your experience with Rockstor and other storage solutions with the wider open source community, and have a magazine publication to your name (if that interests you).

Here is the email I received:

"We are happy to announce that the theme for the April 2016 edition of OSFY is ‘Backup and Data Storage’. Let us know if the list of topics below interests you and motivates you to write for us.

All you need to do is send us a detailed Table of contents (ToC) on the topics you wish to write on. Once your ToC gets approved, you can send us your write-ups latest by 10th March 2016.

Here are few of the suggested topics that you can chose from:

  • Comparing popular Open Source backup and storage solution.
  • Must have Open Source backup solution
  • Setting up an Amanda/Bacula/UrBackup etc
  • What to look for when choosing backup software for an enterprise and which opensource tools fits in each area.
  • Choosing the right Open Source backup solution
  • Creating a backup solution for the Windows Server and Clients (VSS (Volume Shadow Copy)
  • Is open source backup solution enterprise ready?
  • Role on Open source in designing SAN and NAS
  • Creating a backup solution using freeNAS
  • Build your own backup system using FOSS tools
  • Your own backup solution using Bacula
  • Setting up Amanda as a backup solution for the enterprise
  • Managing Disaster recovery with FOSS
  • Redo Backup and Recovery
  • Building your own Storage with OSS
  • Best Open Source Storage solution available
  • Reliability of FOSS storage solution
  • Data De-duplication with Linux based storage system
  • Things to look while building your own data storage system
  • Creating storage system using any popular Linux distro.

You can also choose a topic of your own apart from the theme.

PS: Whenever you send us your article, along with the screenshots, please ensure that the screenshots/images/figures are of higher resolution and of good quality. Do remember to send article in doc format without embedding the image/screenshots in it. "

Please send your response to : osfyedit@efy.in. I have expressed my interest for the last topic on the list "Creating storage system using any popular Linux distro.’

Hoping some folks from this very knowledgeable community will be inclined to write and share their experience with Rockstor with the wider open source community.