/opt/rockstor/bin missing after upgrade

I upgraded my rockstor 4.6.1-0 installation from leap 15.2 to 15.5 (via each individual release in between). It now appears that the /opts/rockstor/bin folder no longer exists. I doubt the location changed just with an OS upgrade, so I assume some package got lost that would provide it?

# ls /opt/rockstor/
.initrock  README.md  etc                 poetry.toml             rockstor-jslibs.tar.gz.sha256sum  src
.venv      build.sh   jslibs              pyproject.toml          rockstor-tasks-huey.db            static
COPYING    certs      poetry-install.txt  rockons-metastore       rockstor-tasks-huey.db-shm        var
PKG-INFO   conf       poetry.lock         rockstor-jslibs.tar.gz  rockstor-tasks-huey.db-wal

it’s /opt/rockstor/.venv/bin/ now.



I assume re-creating the template cronjobs like scrubs and such will use the correct new path to the binaries then?

Also, did I miss this in the upgrade instructions?