OwnCloud and existing Rockstor shares

Hello all
New here and I’ve just install my first Rockstor NAS! Everything seems ok:
I’ve created a pool and some shares and even uploaded files. I can export those share with samba which allows me to upload / download to and from my windows machine(s).
I’ve installed owncloud in the hope that i can access those rockstor shares/files and access them through the owncloud interface and mobile apps.
Trouble is I can’t seem to find a way to do this. I can create folders in owncloud - and upload to them from my windows machine but this seems to be defeating the object of having rockstor shares (with files in) in the first place.
My question is - how (if i can) do I get owncloud to list and share the existing rockstor shares (with the files inside) that I’ve created?
I’ve looked at external storage in owncloud but can’t seem to find a way to do this.
Hope I’m missing something obvious!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @PaulK,

Could you please advise which owncloud Rock-on you have installed?

  • Owncloud
  • Owncloud-HTTPS
  • Owncloud-Official

Each of these is configured differently, and this will determine how you need to configure this.

Hi Haioken
Thanks for getting back to me.
I’ve installed Owncloud-Official using the shares as laid out in the install dialogue boxes.

I’m in the office at the moment, but based on the assumption you were probably running the official release, I started the install process after my last comment.
I should be home again in about another 6-7 hours, and will test out a couple of things when I get there.

In the meantime, try clicking the ‘wrench’ icon next to your installed Owncloud-Official rock-on, there may be a button for manually exporting shares to the Rock-on environment.

If this doesn’t exist, you’ll likely need to fiddle around a little with the terminal, possibly by mounting the BTRFS subvols (shares) you want to use into the Owncloud config dir, or possibly by manually exporting additional volumes to the Rock-on environment.

Well, the short and sticky of it is that your planned use case is not what owncloud is designed for (sharing of existing local filesystem objects), it’s designed as a standalone sharing platform. - IE: Storage and sharing of things you have uploaded via owncloud.

I’ve tried mounting things into Owncloud’s data directory, and they are not displayed in Owncloud.

The easiest way I can see to get this running similarly to how you want is:

  • Install smbclient inside the running owncloud container
  • Enable external storage in Settings -> Admin -> Storage
  • Add your Samba/CIFS shared folder in the list.

The most difficult (and annoying) part of this is getting smbclient installed in the container - especially as this will need to be done every time the container is restarted.

docker exec -it owncloud-official bash
apt-get update && apt-get install smbclient -y

Then return back to the owncloud UI.

If I might ask though, exactly what is it you’re trying to achieve? There may be a better solution to your problem available.


After you have added your share with your documents as an additional storage (as @Haioken has explained), maybe you can have a look at the occ files:scan command.
I’ve used the equivalent on Nextcloud and it worked.
I’m in a little bit of a rush right now but have a look at the documentation here:

Hi Haioken
Thank you for your reply - and the work looking into this for me! I really do appreciate it.
I shall look at your sugestions and see how it works.
My usage of Rockstor is envisaged like this:
I run a photography business and for a long time all my ‘Non Recoverable’ files have been backed up onto an external HDD which is ok as a back up. But I’m expanding things and I need files availiable to me when I’m out and about and at my business partners address. So It’s a mixture of having a personal ‘Dropbox’ type of solution that I can easily dip in and out of and choose whom I share files with plus a VPN system that will allow full access to my files. All tapping into a NAS (to replace my HDD backup) where all my files will be kept. I want my Pc’s for processing - not storage. I’m also going for double redundancy on the NAS just in case of Hardware faliure oe worse!
Ideally I want a filing system that is accessed by the VPN (which I think I can do with Rockstor) and have the Cloud service (Owncloud) as an add on.
Hope all of this makes sense - guess I want to separate my Computers into Storage / Access and processing and not have everythong on one machine.

If you’ve any thoughts on how this could be realistcally acheived I’d be very grateful.

Will of course let you know how I get on with your suggestions.
Many thanls

Hi Flox
Thank you very much for your reply.
I’ve looked at the OwnCloud docs and I guess it looks like some sort of file refresh situation if I read it correctly?
Will delve deeper into the scan command and see if I can understand it a little better.
I’m not really famillar with Linux more but always willing to learn new things!
Perhaps I can get back to you with my progress?

Thank you again for responding to my query do appreciate the effort.



Note from Flox’ reply, the occ commands must be run inside the docker container, so you’ll still require the:

docker exec -it owncloud-official bash

command prior to running it.

Beyond that, unfortunately for your use case, there’s not really any applicable Rockons, and Owncloud/Nextcloud are probably your safest bet - despite the fact that they’re going to be difficult to work with in this scenario.

Hello Haioken and Flox - and anyone else who might be reading this!

Thought I’d share my progress so far…
I’ve managed to get smbclient installed as per the instructions.
The biggest issue was configuring the external storage settings especially users and groups.
For anyone else trying this it’s worthwhile setting up some dummy data and a test share in Rockstor first.
Pay particular attention to not loging in with Ownclud credentials if you want to use the OwnCloud sharing facility.
Apart from that it all looks good.
I can use my samba share straight off my windows machine fine and I can set up and share files in owncloud.
One question - it seems that if you delete a file from samba derived owncloud folder the delete action is not carried through to the actual rockstor file am I right in this assumption?
All I need to do now is get my head round VPN and I’m good to go!

Many thanks again