Owncloud or Owncloud Offical?

There are now two Rockons for Owncloud. The original and the “Official” one which seem to install a lot of its system files in the data directory assigned when you install it (as opposed to in a docker)

Which is the better version? Any ideas? In fact what is the version difference?

Docker Version runs grest for me.
The offical one has probably the best upgrade path.
Any other thoughts?

The official one gets the latest updates while the“old“ image is adjusted to run in a single docker container because it brings a postgres image with the owncloud image. At the moment https only works with the old one.
Here is a guide for the official one:

I know it have been over a year since this topic was modified.
But what is the current state on this?
Is owncloud-official now the recommended one?
And how do I update the owncloud-official?

I would say nextcloud is more up to date, more features and developments are there ongoing