OwnCloud UI Connection Error RockStor 3.8-13.12

I did an Install of OwnCloud Rock-on, everything seems to be configured correctly during install but When I try the cloud UI all I get is a connection refused. I did some searching on the forum and theirs a few instances of people having trouble but no definitive reason why. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

I’m having the same issue. Someone did mention something about editing a run.sh file to get it to run, and I was able to replicate his results. I undid the changes though as I don’t know what those changes actually mean as far as the overall functionality is concerned or how it will affect future updates.

I’m torn between using Owncloud and Seafile. I’d like to stay full-docker as far as utilities go as I still feel that I’m relatively inexperienced as far as Linux goes, and it’d be nice if I didn’t have a bunch of different services I had to manage from different interfaces.

This seems to be the part of the run.sh script that is failing:

update_timezone() {
echo -n "Setting timezone to $1… "
ln -sf “/usr/share/zoneinfo/$1” /etc/localtime
[[ $? -eq 0 ]] && echo “Done !” || echo “FAILURE”
if [[ -n “$TIMEZONE” ]]
update_timezone "$TIMEZONE"

I’m not sure I understand what it is doing:

  1. if [[ -n “$TIMEZONE” ]] – What is this? I am having difficulty figuring out what the -n option is
  2. update_timezone seems to be trying to delete the /etc/localtime file and point it to the UTC timzone. Why?

Edit: man test has information on that. The block of the script says, “if the length of the $TIMEZONE is nonzero, change timezone to UTC time” as far as I can tell.