Perform YUM update or not?

So I hooked up an email address to my new installation of RockStor and have been receiving notifications about the available packages for update via Yum. My question, though, is that should I update these packages via Yum or should I only perform the upgrades when a new version of Rockstor is available via the standard update method in the web UI?

I just dont want to encounter some package/dependency problem if I update via a non-standard method as far as RockStor is concerned.


Hi @t3kka,
my 2 cents: actually you can perform yum update, no issues on dev env with latest yum updates (24 feb 2017)


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I’ve done both with no ill effects. There isn’t magic behind the UI upgrade option, it’s just calling yum from what I can tell.

Yup update went smooth and no issues identified at the moment :slight_smile: Thanks!