Performance differences

I’m seeing very big performance problems when trying to play mediafiles/movies.

What I’m seing is that playing a movie through my Kodi media center, or through VLC on my computers, the movies are slow to start, often rebuffers, and sometimes stop playback alltogether. Searching inside files is also very slow, it can take minutes to jump ahead in the file. And jumping to the point where a movie stopped, takes 10-15 minuttes.
Horrible, horrible performance.

Now these files are not high bandwith or in any other way demanding, and played fine on my previous Nas’es, which were nowhere near as powerfull as my Rockstor NAS.

The curious thing is when I take the same file that wouldnt play proberly in VLC, and ask to copy it from the NAS onto my computer, it gets done in less than two minutes. This is for a movie with more than two hours playback.

Why on earth cant Rockstor keep up with streaming a file at low bandwith, and maintain reliable playback, when it can copy the same file in a matter of minuttes with close to 100megabytes / sec.

There must be something that can be done to make this better?

Today when I tried to play the same files that gave me problems yesterday, they played perfectly, and seeking was instant.

Wonder what could have changed?

Nothing in the systems logs indicate anything.

dmesg has a lot of messages about “BTRFS info (device sda): qgroup scan completed (inconsistency flag cleared)”, and "BTRFS info (device sde3): qgroup scan completed (inconsistency flag cleared)"
sde3 is the boot drive.

I haven’t been able to test this behavior myself, but it’s in my queue. I’ll update if I find anything interesting. If there are reproducible steps someone can post here, please do.