Permission problems


I have a very strange problem.
We use Rockstor with Active Directory. K%C3%A9pkiv%C3%A1g%C3%A1s

As you see in the picture we enabled AD, Rockstor Succesfully joined to the Domain and get the Domain users information too. We got a Share name: “WORK”. Every domain user got they own folder in the WORK share. Every user have full permission in own folder. It’s work great. BUT: if i copy a file into a user folder then the copied file’s owner will be the root (me) and the user cannot delete/write into it. If i enable Inheritate in the upper folder, then they got permission to write/delete a file, BUT tomorrow the permission perish. So tomorrow i need to change the permission again… Every day the permission gone…

What did we wrong, can you help us?


Can anyone help us in this problem?