Phone unable to connect to Owncloud on local network

My phone is unable to connect to my Owncloud server while I am on my local network. I use DuckDNS as a DynDNS service, and my port is forwarded which allows me to connect via when I am not on my home WiFi. However, if I am on my wifi, I cannot connect to

I get around this on most of my PCs by going either to the IP address directly or using the hostname, but the owncloud account on my phone only goes to

My router is an Arris something or other that does NOT support hairpinning.

I started trying to setup a DNS server on Rockstor, but it was way more effort than I expected. I’d be perfectly fine setting up my DNS server to direct to and forward all other DNS requests to I saw a multitude of guides for a couple of different DNS server that I could run, but I was unable to get any of them working.

Are there any other options?

Hi @Noggin. Are you using the older OwnCloud Rock-on or the new OwnCloud-Official Rock-on?

I’m using the Rock-On from a month ago.

I did see something about a new official docker. I’m running the stable Owncloud ($35 one). If I want to use the official OwnCloud, do I need to reinstall the RockOn or download something? I did see in another post that someone stated that the rockon magically updated, but I wasn’t sure what it would take to get it updated on my system.

That said, I think this issue isn’t related to which version of Owncloud I’m running. I think it has more to do with the fact that I’m trying to connect to a name that requires a DNS lookup, but my modem/router doesn’t support hairpin / loopback.

I have the same issue if I try to connect to That doesn’t work on my local network, but holocron:32400/web/index.html or does. I am able to connect to my plex server from my work pc, so I know that port forwarding is working. My phone’s Plex app also connects just fine, but I think it is because it is smart enough to not try to use my DNS name to connect.

@Noggin, just a quick chip in here and not sure if it’s even relevant but I think I’ve seen android phones ignore local DHCP issued dns servers and hardwire google dns servers instead, plus the Plex service, as you suspect, has it’s own way of working where they are able to tunnel back to your registered servers so can be misleading from a diagnostic point of view. Sorry if irrelevant but seemed pertinent to me on a quick look.

So in other words, what you’re saying is that if my phone ignores DHCP asigned DNS servers, even if I run my own DNS server I won’t be able to solve the issue? I just checked through a terminal and I think my DNS server is not one of googles. I’ll check again when I get home to see if I can change the DHCP assigned DNS servers and see if my phone follows.

And thanks for confirming the Plex thing.