Piwigo photo album docker test

hello i’ve noticed there are a few dockers for photo management/viewing is there any chance that at least one gets implemented in RS? it’s really the only rockon that is missing. unfortunately i haven’t got the skills to do it myself. thank you.

@satello Hello again

Certainly, if someone submits one to the GitHub rockon-registry repo and it passes review.

Are you aware that Plex can do a degree of Photo management. Not sure if that is what you are looking for though. Also it looks like Emby media server has this capability as well, though I haven’t used that one myself.

I wouldn’t be too quick to assess that: have you read the following on creating your own Rock-on definition file:

Still pretty involved though unfortunately.

A good start might be to share your findings re proposed photo management docker images here in this thread. It might lead to a forum member taking a bite at it.

Hope that helps.

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hello, yes i am using at the moment emby for photo viewing but just a bit low in features. I will have a read and get back with my findings. thanks for your time.

found a few dockers for photo albums, piwigo seems to be rich of features, open source and has been around for more than a decade


others are


I’ve create the piwigo.json file and would like to give it a go but at least on my system in


directory the rockons-metastore is missing.

[root@rockstor ~]# cd /opt/rockstor/
[root@rockstor rockstor]# ls
AUTHORS bootstrap.py conf eggs install.py prod-buildout.cfg static
base-buildout.cfg buildout.cfg COPYING etc manage.py setup.py var
bin certs develop-eggs gulpfile.js parts src
[root@rockstor rockstor]# cd /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/
-bash: cd: /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/: No such file or directory

is the readme file outdated? thank you.

@satello Can’t comment on the photo manager choices / finds as I haven’t used any of them but I can address this bit:

Yes that is normal. Just create it using the root user with the following command:

mkdir /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore

Hope that helps and remember that you can always look to the other “*.json” files in the rockon-registry repo to see how they work for their respective docker images.

thank you

you are a star. need to digest england football hangover today but will try soon

hello, i’ve created the file and installed on my system, created directories, etc no problems there but cannot manage to open web gui. default port 8098 represented to 8080 (recommended) and forwarded on my router but still no luck. here is the content of


maybe i’m missing something in there? anybody could enlighten me please? logs are still empty.

in the docker readme it states:

You must create a user and database for piwigo to use in a mysql/mariadb server. In the setup page for database, use the ip address rather than hostname…

does it mean i have to include a db storage as well?

this is my first experiment as new to docker and rockons, thank you.

server {
listen 80 default_server;

listen 443 ssl;

root /config/www/gallery;
index index.html index.htm index.php;

server_name _;

ssl_certificate /config/keys/cert.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /config/keys/cert.key;

client_max_body_size 0;

location / {
	try_files $uri $uri/ /index.html /index.php?$args =404;

location ~ \.php$ {
	fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+\.php)(/.+)$;
	# With php5-cgi alone:
	# With php5-fpm:
	#fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;
	fastcgi_index index.php;
	include /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params;



here is the piwigo.json

“Piwigo”: {
“containers”: {
“piwigo”: {
“image”: “linuxserver/piwigo”,
“launch_order”: 1,
“ports”: {
“8080”: {
“description”: “Piwigo WebUI port. Suggested default: 8080.”,
“host_default”: 8080,
“label”: “WebUI port”,
“protocol”: “tcp”,
“ui”: true
“volumes”: {
“/config”: {
“description”: “Choose a Share for configuration. Eg: create a Share called piwigo-config for this purpose alone.”,
“label”: “Config Storage”,
“min_size”: 1073741824
“/home/piwigo/Data”: {
“description”: “Choose a Share for all incoming data. Eg: create a Share called piwigo-data for this purpose alone.”,
“label”: “Data Storage”
“environment”: {
“PUID”: {
“description”: “Enter a valid UID to run Piwigo with. It must have full permissions to all Shares mapped in the previous step.”,
“label”: “UID”,
“index”: 1
“PGID”: {
“description”: “Enter a valid GID to use along with the same UID. It(or the above UID) must have full permissions to all Shares mapped in the previous step.”,
“label”: “GID”,
“index”: 2
“description”: “A Piwigo container, brought to you by LinuxServer.io”,
“ui”: {
“https”: true,
“slug”: “”
“volume_add_support”: true,
“website”: “http://piwigo.org/”,
“version”: “25.01.18”

UPDATE: i made it working but not under SSL. So i’ve just set the port to 80 and web gui now works!!

but as it is it’s useless as it needs a mysql database and reading on found out it will not create db or user which need to run on a separate container. and that’s where my knowledge fades. i’ve installed the mariadb rockon but have no idea on how to create a db and have not found anything that helps here or from the web. thank you

@satello, not sure whether you are still playing with the piwigo rockon. I’ve tried to get it to work based on your json script, but might be missing something, as I can’t even get the UI to show up. Did you do any other config changes to run it on the particular port?