PLEASE Continue Doing What You're Doing

I had to drop a note and a donation to you guys. This blows other Open and Closed source NAS away. It is straight up a fully-featured NAS, and any other "server" features are clearly getting the backburner, WHICH IS GREAT. All of these other solutions are trying to be some kind of all-in-one server for some reason. Some of us literally want a powerful NAS because we already have servers in a home-rack to run our stuff. The interface is gorgeous, interaction took a bit to get used to but is a breeze now.

Really, just thank you, and please continue to offer updates to the general populace. A number of us are just tinkerers at home looking for a quality storage solution for our personal pictures and documents. This software is absolutely that. I can build out a 16 drive tower for less than a 4 bay Synology. Not hating on them since they have a place. Getting smacked with charts and graphs when I first login is great is well.

Rock-on, Rockstor! 90 day uptime so far and strong!


@cryoaura Welcome to the Rockstor community and thanks for your support and encouragement, much appreciated.

I’m a new user and I agree. While to me it seems that rockstor is still being let down a bit by btrfs issues, overall I really like it. I bought a subscription, I don’t mind supporting a worthy project.
Rock on :metal:

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Welcome @Zonk I’ve been running Rockstor since early 2015, have over 100TB of drives and haven’t had any issues related to Rockstor yet. I’ve gotten up to 322 day run-time and only had to reboot due to running 220v to my rack. Since I’ve switched to stable though I’ve been way less involved in the community cause it just works flawlessly, so that’s kinda sad in a way.

That is definitely good for you. I just started with rockstor, and I ran into a few bugs (some were fixed by updating to stable) and UI issues.
But most of that is of course because I’m trying out a lot of functions just because I want to get to know the system.