Plex App - Adding Library


I am new to Rockstor.

I have installed plex on my device utilizing the appropriate configuration provided from the guide.

I have hit a roadblock when adding my data.

I have a separate 8 TB HD running as one large share with all my media. I have a 256 solid state that is holding the Rock-on data, plex-data, and plex-config.

I found the path using the shell as /mnt2/Backup/…

When I added these paths, they do not populate in Plex.

I am not sure how to share this pool with the plex account for read only so that the Plex server can access it.

I am hoping someone can assist me with this.

Thank you in advance.

Probably the user and group you have specified don’t have read access to the share with media data.

Read about access control here: Shares — Rockstor documentation


@m1dori Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

Just a quick note no this one:

Have you also seen the following doc section within our Rock-ons docs:
Add Storage Rock-ons (Docker Plugins) — Rockstor documentation

It relates to adding a share to an existing Rock-on. The environment within a Rock-on (docker container) is often limited: this “adding a share to a rock-on” method enables that rock-on to have a local directory access to what may be on an entirely different pool. Just note where you end up mapping the share (btrfs volume) within the Rock-on as you can then point Plex in this case to that local access point mapping: not the operating system mount point.

Docker containers can often no ‘see’ the entire system: so using the system level mount point is pointless: as it will be inaccessible or just appear empty as it is actually referencing a directory within the docker container (Rock-on) itself: not in the host system.

Take great care that you don’t try to make an existing filesystem structure into a share - They are their own btrfs only subvolumes and form part of a pool. We don’t really support, within Rock-ons specifically, access to anything other than Rockstor shares. But you can always create new shares and move existing data to them via you chosen method. If you’ve not done this already of course.

Hopefully that helps and doesn’t confuse matters more. If this is confusing matter more: please post pics of the shares within Rockstor and where exactly you want them to appear/be-shared.

And of course what @eriklysoe stated re access rights.


You sir are amazing, that is the documentation I was looking for and solved my issue. I just needed to add the existing share to the Rock-On while the Plex was turned off.

Thank you both for your replies and assistance!